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About Us

To create warm, cosy, and incredibly comfortable products that our children will adore wearing and holding.

Who we are

    A story of children, parents, and friendship.

    Our brand originated from the desire we had as parents to give our kids the softest clothing possible to wear on a daily basis.

    Our experience as parents

      Our philosophy

      To create incredibly comfortable clothing and products that our children would love wearing and holding.

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      Requirements inspired by our experience

        Our children grow up fast and their clothes replaced frequently.

        But even if they fit for a short time, we still want the best for them.

        PIMALLOW was created from having to choose between comfort, practicality, price, and design.

        We wanted to develop functional products using a new textile made from bamboo. We chose a composition that is different from cotton, more versatile and with properties perfectly suited to children’s lifestyles.

        All our products are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

        Our Ideal

          How we achieved our ideal

          We researched for the essential materials and the information necessary to realise our vision.

          In China, the world’s largest bamboo producer, we found our partners who matched our criteria after months of searching, negotiations, and tests!

          Following the creation of our fabric and the first designs, the foundation for everything we had envisioned was created.

          Our hope is that you love PIMALLOW products as much as we enjoy creating them.

          PIMALLOW is a STORY of children, parents, and friendship.

          Copyright © PIMALLOW Australia.

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