My name is Caroline Boutin. And PIMALLOW is the young children’s clothing brand I created. PIMALLOW’s goal is to offer quality clothing that meets the expectations of parents.

But PIMALLOW is much more than that.

And why? Because the company and its products are the result of my own experience, observations and struggles as a parent. PIMALLOW is the real story of a mother who wants to satisfy her own demands through well thought out products. Clothing and products to be shared with all parents.

By choosing PIMALLOW for your children’s clothing, you are demonstrating your commitment to comfort, style, usability, and durability.

Practical because PIMALLOW clothing is made to satisfy the needs of both kids and the adults who care for them. It is simple to put on and take off, simple to clean, and simple to dry.

The infamous label that irritates our young children has been eliminated.

Thanks to a fabric that is admired and well-known for its dependability, toughness, exceptional softness, and comfort, it is comfortable.

PIMALLOW is also versatile, offering high-quality essentials that can be worn at any time of day or night, whether summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, on girls and boys.

And why “PIMALLOW”, you might ask? The name should make you think of something as soft as a pillow or a marshmallow. It is that simple!


The creation of PIMALLOW, a life story

I had difficulty getting pregnant due to health issues, so when I was blessed with twins—a boy and a girl—it made me feel really fortunate.
Knowing that I could never have them makes me cherish them in a special way.

They were born prematurely and were so small that they had to spend two weeks in the neonatal ward. When I couldn’t stay with them, I wanted them to feel safe, wrapped in a warm, soft halo.

Looking after twin babies obviously means a lot of dressing, undressing, hanging out the washing, cleaning stains, buying new clothes regularly. And all this to be done alone: my husband works hard, and I have no family around to help me. I don’t have a nanny or a cleaning lady to help me on a daily basis either.

I’m a pragmatist, so I surrounded myself with things that made my life easier and helped me save time and energy. That’s why I’ve been looking for multipurpose and quality clothes for a long time.

But none of my purchases ever completely satisfied me, because there was always something wrong: behind a beautiful design could be a rough or poor-quality fabric. Or badly cut garments; behind the comfort, a practical but not durable garment; a softness that disappears after the first few machine washes; a product that needs to be washed cold, which I never do.

So the following question naturally came to me: Do the people who design baby clothes have children themselves?

For a long time, I was willing to pay more for durable, easy-care, comfortable clothing. For quality products that I wouldn’t have to replace after just a few months. But I never found a brand I could fully trust.

I needed:

  • reliable, hypoallergenic children’s clothing to protect their sensitive skin.
  • products that were extremely soft, comfortable, easy to care for and sustainable.
  • peace of mind every time I left the house with my children, knowing that their clothes would not be a source of discomfort, irritation or excessive sweating, which would eventually lead us back home.

I was tired of giving away children clothes that I had never had the opportunity to put on them, because they had outgrown them, or because it was too late in the season to have them wear them.

I was disappointed every time my boy found himself too tight in nice clothes that I couldn’t use for my thinner daughter because of their very gender-specific style.

Think of how good it feels to wear your favourite old pyjamas. Well, I wanted the same kind of clothes and comfort for my children. Nice clothes that they could wear on all occasions: when they move, sleep as well as when they grow.

Disappointed to never find what I was looking for, I decided to develop my own products.


PIMALLOW, 3 years of development

Finding a high-quality product, an optimum composition, and trustworthy suppliers takes time, particularly during Covid with travel not an option.

I decided for bamboo viscose because of its exceptional qualities, including its ability to be antibacterial, odor-resistant, thermoregulatory, and moisture-wicking in technical gear.

The bamboo viscose is also incredibly soft and lightweight.


Isn’t that exactly what babies and children need?

All the items needed was a little elasticity to be perfect. Elasticity provided by the 5% of spandex.

Today, there is an endless variety of textiles made out of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% of spandex. Many samples have been rejected after extensive testing in our washing machine. In addition, few suppliers offer quality raw materials in terms of fibre and weave. And fewer have the OEKOTEX® STANDARD 100 certification.

This label was my first concern, because a good product is nothing without safety. If I am responsible for my children’s safety with something as simple as a choice of fabric, I am now responsible for the safety of all the children who wear PIMALLOW.

Every element of PIMALLOW clothing is certified (fabric, elastic, ink…). The final products had to pass multiple tests to get the final certification. This took us a year. But it was out of the question to do without.

PIMALLOW adopted by my children

The twins are now 4 years old and are difficult to dress. Who hasn’t heard their child complain about itchy fabric or tight clothing?

But PIMALLOW has made our lives much easier. My children ask for PIMALLOW clothes on a daily basis. We always have some in handy! They don’t want to wear their woollen jumper? I just give them a PIMALLOW T-shirt to wear underneath. And the problem is solved!

PIMALLOW is the ideal solution for parents who want to dress their children in the most comfortable clothes.

This first collection, designed for 2-6 year olds, which we are presenting to you today is just the first of many projects. Among them: pyjamas and onesies for 0-2 year olds as well as adult size clothes, for which we have had many demands. Because grown-ups also have a right to optimum comfort!

Happy children, happy parents. Happy parents, happy children.

Enabling our little ones to move, sleep and grow with all the comfort they need.

That is what PIMALLOW is all about!